Max Life Insurance The Run is proud to support Jwala:  aims towards being the voice of the change for women.

Jwala organization was formed by a group of concerned women in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, who were instigated by the dreadful and unfortunate Nirbhaya incident.

 Jwala aims to help women ignite the fire within. Jwala or “Blaze of fire” is a Non-Government Organization created with the mission of providing financial and social security, through easily-accessible resources, to women from diverse sections of the Indian society.

Women of Jwala have incorporated and implemented a model of social as well as environmental responsibility within the organizational framework.

Jwala aims towards being the voice of the change for women and hence has a versatile list of programmes that are directed towards shaking off their fear and enabling them to be self-dependent in every walk of life.

You can learn more about Jwala at jwala.org.in