The Run is proud to support Tasalli: an NGO project fighting for the care and empowerment of women.

Studies from India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the UN estimate that anywhere from one-half to two-thirds of Indian women experience physical or sexual violence after marriage. Despite these numbers, the issues of sexual exploitation, rape, and domestic violence continue to be uncomfortable to discuss, and often kept quiet.

Tasalli works to prevent violence against women through public training and awareness. Topics such as conflict management, relationship expectations, values, and mutual sharing of experiences seek to build a society where all are cared for and valued. We also intervene when necessary in instances of perpetration through advocacy and aid. Finally, Tasalli empowers survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking through education, equipping, and rehabilitation. 

Tasalli was founded on the idea that every member of society deserves safety, care, and opportunity, and holds that in all cases, neglect, violence, intimidation, or oppression are never acceptable. Above all Tasalli believes that every life is "worth it": Every individual has the ability to shine if given the chance, and Tasalli seeks to give them that chance.

The Run will donate a portion of registration proceeds to Tasalli, and has given Tasalli a platform for their “Tasalli Market” on the day of the event. At the market, visitors can find products designed and crafted by survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and sexual exploitation. They can also get more information on the work of Tasalli, and how they can get involved. If visitors would like to donate to our cause, they will receive a complimentary "thank you gift" handmade by a Tasalli Survivor.

You can learn more about Tasalli at